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    Base construction

    Frame bar and net       Rotary tillage and seedlings plantation

    Construction of a new model demonstration base for mechanized planting and picking of new hop varieties changes from two aspects: the renewal and improvement of hops varieties and planting and picking methods. This is to eliminate backward productivity, introduce advanced productivity, realize the mechanized planting and picking of hop industry and lead the hop industry revolution. 

    Radical change in hop netting: by means of elevated and strong pulling bars to set up an elevated hops net suitable for mechanical cultivation and picking .

    Changing planting patterns: Layout long distance and hop line spacing and planting distance suitable for mechanical work (e.g.picking) .

    Promote compact hop varieties suitable for Mechanical harvest, and the varieties should have good quality, aromatic flavor and good brewing and storage properties.

    Use mechine to cut bud, pull wire, weed,  spray  crops with pesticides, fertilize, cut the vine and the top of the vine. 

    Carry out drop irrigation. Pay equal attention to water saving and water conservation. Use drip line to finish top dressing.

    Hop mature

    The company guarantees the quality of hop raw materials from the source of planting, gives play to regional advantages and brand advantages to improve the added value of products and the quality and efficiency. At the same time, it drives the technological upgrading of hop characteristic industry, which is conducive to the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure and rural economic development in Jiuquan and form regional pillar agriculture. 

    Hop gardens after picking