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    Welcome to Tianma Hop Website!TEL:(86)0937-2625955


    Gansu Tianma Hops Co., Ltd was established on 8th August in 1995, and the total amount of investment was $1.9 million. It’s a joint venture enterprise funded by Barth-Haas Group and Hopf (Beijing) Biotechnology Co. LTD in Gansu, specializing in hops planting, production, processing and sales.

    The company is located in China's most important hop-growing areas---the western end of Hexi Corridor, Jiuquan city, Gansu Province. Jiuquan city is in the center of hop-growing areas in Gansu. The hop-growing areas have dry climate, big  temperature difference between day and night, mainly irrigated agriculture, and fewer pests and diseases, which are the ideal regions of producing high quality hops. We imported fine varieties from abroad in this area, carried out tissue culture and breeding of new varieties with domestic famous universities and research units and established a fixed production base of 5000 mu for the production of new varieties of hops. We introduced foreign advanced middle-high frame production technology, brought in the advanced technology and experience of Bart-Haas Group in the world's hop cultivation and processing, which have laid a solid foundation for the future production of muti-varieties and high-quality raw materials to ensure customers’ demands.

    In August 1996, the whole set of pellets production line introduced from abroad was put into production. In 2006, the isomerized pellets in line with international standards were put into production. In 2014, the new plant was completed and put into operation. We improved pellets production line, introduced new production technology and set up independent cold storage facility, which enables us to provide high quality type 90 hop pellets and isomerized hop pellets for the vast number of customers at home and abroad, meeting the needs of customers in many aspects.