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    Welcome to Tianma Hop Website!TEL:(86)0937-2625955
    GANSU TIANMA HOPS CO., LTD. 甘肅天馬啤酒花有限公司 Gansu Tianma Hops Co., Ltd was established on 8th August in 1995, and the total amount of investment was $1.9 million. It’s a joint venture enterprise funded by Barth-Haas Group and Hopf (Beijing) Biotechnology Co. LTD in Gansu, specializing in hops planting, production, processing and sales.

    The company is located in China's most important hop-growing areas---the western end of Hexi Corridor, Jiuquan city, Gansu Province. Jiuquan city is in the center of hop-growing areas in Gansu. The hop-growing areas have dry climate, big temperature difference between day and night, mainly irrigated agriculture, and fewer pests and diseases, which are the ideal regions of producing high quality hops.more>>