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    90 Hop Pellets


    90 Hop Pellets


    General Overview

    90 Hop Pellets are granular product that processed with raw hops which without any additives or chemicals, and also without changing the natural ingredients. It weights only 90% of raw hops, because of reduced moisture, stems and leaves, or impurities. And α-acid is less loss during the processing.

    90 Hop Pellets has uniform α-acid content, the same disintegration time. It helps wine makers get the bitter components exactly right, adding realizable automatic measuring. That’s easy to disperse in the wort boiling, increase solubility, improve beer flavor stability and hop aroma.

    Physical Characteristics

    Bulk cylindrical pellets, 7 mm about in diameter, the length is from 10 mm to 15 mm.

    Particle density is controlled to 450-500kg / m3.

    General evenness is less than 4%.

    Storage and Shelf Life

    Storage conditions should be kept dry, the relative humidity is below 60%; dark, 2 ℃ below to save; It can be stored for 2-3 years in these storage conditions.

    Analysis Method

    We adopt conductometric titration method and ultraviolet spectrophotometry method.


    We adopt four anti-oxidation aluminum foil bags (10 kg or 20 kg ) by secondary nitrogen charging and evacuation., the nitrogen is 99.99% pure, oxygen remaining ≤ 1.0% in the packed finished bag.

    Product Superiority

    Reduced freight costs and storage costs, increased the utilization of products.