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    Memoirs of Tianma Company


    Memoirs of Tianma Company

    In July 1995, Lanzhou Tianma Hops Co., LTD was established in Huangyang town, Wuwei City which used to be called Liangzhou. It is a joint venture between Gansu Agricultural Reclamation Company and the bureau of Australia and China. The whole set of grain hops processing line is imported from Jepi Australia, which is highly automated and has the advantages of low processing temperature, stable quality and little a-acid loss. It can process 2 tons of hop pellets each hour and the annual processing capacity is up to 3000 tons. 

    With the continuous development of hop planting to the west of zhangye, in 2000, the company moved from Wuwei to Jiuquan City and changed its name to Gansu Tianma Hops co., LTD. Later, due to the change of foreign investors, the company became a joint venture in China between Gansu Nongken Company and German Bart-Haas Hops Company. In 2013, the Chinese investor changed and Hopf Biotechnology Co., Ltd. became the Chinese shareholder of Tianma.The company has registered trademark TM, mainly engaged in the production, processing and marketing of hops. With the need of operation, the breeding and sales of hops seedlings and the planting of hops were added into the company's business scope in 2013. The industrial model of new variety cultivation-propagation-planting-processing-sales one-stop officially began. In 2014, the company moved to the new factory in Jiuquan Southern industrial park to carry out business activities.

    Reviewing the ups and downs of the enterprise over the past 20 years, the enterprise has made a ten-year development plan. In recent years, the company has developed two new varieties of hops, highα-acid hops and aroma hops. Through learning from foreign elevated planting pattern, 3.5 meters and 5.0 meters half an elevated planting bases have been preliminarily built in Shangba. In the future, the company will continue to abide by the ten-year development plan, continue to breed the best varieties, expand the planting area, build a modern hop roastery, and process the best quality products. Provide more varieties of choice for domestic brewery, promote actively at the same time   and increase export trade. 

    Today, in accordance with the development history of the enterprise, people in Tianma will continue to make unremitting efforts.